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RFID Solution


RSS offer RFID total solution on various industries and our R & D expert provides custom made all-round service to fit your specific needs:

  • The certified high performance RFID labels for various applications.
  • Complete range of solutions for easier encoding, verification and RFID label printing on site.
  • High efficiency of data management service center.
  • Undertake quality assurance.
  • Design and develop customized labeling application systems with integrators.
  • Qualified and reliable RFID equipment and accessories.
  • Ongoing support and evaluation.


Successful project on government and private sector:

  • Mortuary service for Hospital Authority HK
  • Access Control
  • RFID Traceability Monitoring System for Livestock
  • RFID Traceability Monitoring System for Export Roast Eels
  • Walmart label
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